Naval architectural
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General layout and dimensioning: Translating your functional requirements into feasible, compliant and fit-for-purpose designs and specifications.

Hydrodynamic analyses

Station-keeping analyses for mooring systems, and DP analyses, using in time domain or frequency domain, whichever is best suited for the purpose.

Motional behavior and workability analyses.

 We will use the appropriate software for the type of calculations required, which can vary from “Wamit” to “AQWA”,        including several post-processing programs for detailed analyses. Computational Fluid Dynamics: determine current and wind coefficients; calculate, visualize and interpreted complex viscous flows; simulate highly nonlinear free surface waves and wave impacts. We can organize and supervise model testing programs for wind tunnel testing and model test basins.

 Stability, weight and loading conditions

Weight and loading conditions are often the backbone of any successful project. We have extensive experience, based on completed projects for all different kind of units including jack-ups, semi-submersibles and monohulls.
For the stability analyses (hydrostatics, intact and damage stability) we select the most suitable program for the dedicated unit or vessel. With our knowledge in this field we can carry out the stability calculations in accordance with all the major classification rules, national and international standards.